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FirewoodThe GROWING SEASONS firewood division serves Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania’s restaurant and residential firewood needs. We are always well stocked with a wide variety of ready-to-deliver quality firewood.

Restaurants – Cooking Wood

GROWING SEASONS specializes in quality cooking wood for the restaurant industry. We understand the problems chefs face when cooking with wood and our premium kiln dried cooking wood is the solution. Our cooking wood is composed of oak, cherry, maple and other hardwood mixtures.
• Kiln-Dried: Our state of the art kiln dries the wood to a 12% moisture content. Lower moisture means a hotter burning and easier igniting cooking wood.
• USDA Certified: Our cooking wood is guaranteed insect free, don’t risk bringing bugs into your restaurant!
• Consistency: From the size to the moisture content, each piece is consistent in its quality.
• Clean Burning: Low moisture content means minimal sparking and less smoke.
• Delivery and Stacking: We deliver and stack at your place of business.
• Lockable Storage Containers: Available for wood storage.

Smoking Woods

Our smoking woods are split into a variety of sizes to give you the right size for your smoker.
• Hickory
• Cherry

Residential Firewood

Our residential firewood is a mix of seasoned hardwoods. Our wood is seasoned for one year to ensure cleaner, hotter burning fires. We are not a tree company! We don’t sell dead or diseased trees that were cut from some else’s yard. All of our wood is derived from PA forests by sustainable logging methods. GROWING SEASONS firewood is great for fireplaces, wood burners, or outdoor fire pits.
• Specifications: Average piece – Length 16”, Width 2”– 5”
• Mixed Hardwoods: Oak, cherry, maple, and hickory.
• Delivery: Dumped on-site only.

Firewood is measured in a unit called a “cord”. A cord of firewood is a 128 cubic feet of stacked wood, if you were to stack a cord of wood it would be 4’ high, by 8’ long, by 4’ wide.

Quantities Available:
1/3 Cord (Face Cord): (42.6 cu ft.) Stacked Dimensions: 4’H X 8’L X Single 16” row
Half Cord: (64 cu. ft) Stacked Dimensions: 4’H X 4’W X 4’L
Full Cord: (128 cu. ft) Stacked Dimensions: 4’H X 4’ WX 8’L

Residential Wood Pricing:
1/3 Cord (Face Cord): $105.00
Half Cord $160.00
Full Cord $270.00
Delivery $30.00 (Depending on location)
***Firewood Pickup is available by appointment only! ***

Call us today at (412) 310-4554 to setup a delivery.