GSL firewood division serves the Pittsburgh and the surrounding area restaurants.  We provided a variety of different types of quality hardwood firewood.

Restaurants – Cooking Wood

GSL specializes in kiln-dried cooking wood for the restaurant industry.  We understand the problems Chefs face when cooking with wood.  Our premium cut cooking wood is the solution. Our cooking wood is composed of mixed hardwoods oak, cherry, and maple.

  • Kiln-Dried: Dried to 8-12%moisture content, which mean easy to ignite and hotter burning.
  • USDA Certified: guaranteed insect free, don’t risk bringing bugs into your restaurant!
  • Consistency: From the size of the pieces to the moisture content, each piece is like the last.
  • Clean Burning: Low moisture content means minimal sparking and less smoke.
  • Delivery and Stacking: We deliver and stack at your place of business.
  • Lockable Storage Containers: Available for wood storage for an additional fee.

Smoking Woods

Our smoking woods are split into a variety of sizes to give you the right size for your smoker.

  • Hickory
  • Cherry

Quantities Available:

  • ½ Cord (64 cu. ft) Stacked Dimensions: 4’H X 4’W X 4’L
  • Full Cord  (128 cu. ft) Stacked Dimensions: 4’H X 4’ WX 8’L

We only service the restaurant industry. Sorry NO Residential Firewood Sales